Wool. Nawalghar. Rajasthan

An Indian woman cleaning up wool imported from China in a small workshop of Nawalghar



Red. Pushkar . Rajasthan

An Indian woman picking up flowers in a garden of Pushkar.
Those are mostly used in temples around town


Colorful Rest. Jaisalmer.Rajasthan

Indian women resting on the threshold of their house inside the fort of Jaisalmer


Opium Ceremonial. Near Jodhpur. Rajasthan

Enchie's husband drinking the distilled opium, a morning ceremonial in the Bishnoi families. I tried it, but it really taste like water a bit of sugar...

Poverty. Moti Bagh. New Delhi

An Indian woman cleaning up rice in front of her house as her husband sits behind her on the traditional "Charpoi". It's shot in a slum of Moti Bagh, in New Dehli.
I was disturbed after shooting this image because of the sadness, almost distress shown in the eyes of her husband.


Opium. Near Jodhpur. Rajasthan

Enchie's husband preparing the ritual Opium ceremonial in a Bishnoi family in a village south of Jodhpur.


Rice. Bikaner. Rajasthan

A kid cleaning up rice on a sidewalk in Bikaner

Night Colors. Pushkar. Rajasthan

Poor people getting ready to spend the night on a side walk in Pushkar


Haveli. mandawa. Rajasthan

A woman passing by an old haveli covred with paintings in the little town of Mandawa


Bus. Jaipur. Rajasthan

A bus leaving Jaipur


Brahmins. Mathura. Uttar Pradesh

Praying inside the temple alongside the sacred Yamuna River in Mathura.
Mathura is reputed to be the birthplace of Krishna, Krishnajanmabhoomi. The Keshav Dev temple was built in ancient times on the site of Krishna's supposed birthplace (an underground prison). As per epic Mahabharata, Mathura was the capital of the Surasena Kingdom, ruled by Kansa the maternal uncle of Krishna.


Monsoon. Vrindavan. Uttar Pradesh

Pilgrims in Vrindavan during the Monsoon

Paintings. Jhunjhunu. Rajasthan

A painter decorating a wall in the little town of Jhunjhunu

Stret Life. Jaisalmer. Rajasthan


Market. Jaisalmer. Rajasthan

Selling veggies on the maket in Jaisalmer


Magi. Jaisalmer. Rajasthan

Magi, a veggie seller on a little market in jaisalmer


Ricefields. Bhaktapur. Nepal

Nepalese women working in ricefields around the nice medieval town of Bhaktapur, not far from Katmandhu


Tika. Mathura. Uttar Pradesh

On the Ghats in Mathura, the birth place of Lord Krishna


Sadhu. Mathura. Uttar Pradesh

A sadhu inside a colorful temple alongside the sacred river Yamuna in Mathura


Couleurs. Jodhpur. Rajasthan

I really can't resist the color combinations one can find in India. Just incredible.
I never saw a country with a sense of colors like India

Water. Neemrana

Reaching for water in a littler hamlet not far from Neemrana

Welcome. Alwar

The tourist is always welcome in India !!


Back from the Well. Neemrana.

A girl coming back home from the Well in Neemrana


Grain Cleaning. Jodhpur

Door. Jodhpur. Rajasthan

A nice house in the old part of town.


Bangle making. Jhunjhunu

A couple making Bangles in their house opening up on the street.

Grain Cleaning. Jodhpur

A woman cleaning the grain on the market square in Jodhpur

Tailor. Jhunjhunu

A tailor in the streets of Jhunjhunu, a little town of the Shekawati region of rajasthan

Bangles making. Alwar

A couple making bangles in the little town of Alwar


Bakery. Alwar. Rajasthan

Straight away .... Alwar

Dreams. Alwar. Rajasthan

A woman working in the streets of Alwar passing by a sari shop.. Dreaming may be..


Embrodery. Jaisalmer. Rajasthan

A woman working embrodering a a piece of cloth in Jaisalmer.

Spinning. near Bikaner. Rajasthan

A woman spinning wool in the courtyard of her house in a village south of Bikaner, in the middle of the Thar desert


Choti Lal. Alwar. Rajasthan

Choti lal feeding her cow in a street of Alwar


Colors. Jaisalmer. Rajasthan

A young girl on the market in Jaisalmer. She was a bit afraid of me, but at the same time interested. A family coming to town from a village in the desert.


Football. Jodhpur. Rajasthan

A kid playing football on the market in Jodhpur..

Prime Ministers. Jodhpur. Rajasthan

In a shop in Jodhpur. The owner had all the cans decorated with a portrait of a Indian prime minister. When I asked him which one he liked best..... he just said : All of them !!


Market. Jodhpur. Rajasthan

An Rajasthani man doing his market in Jodhpur. A wonderful market sccene by the way.


Framed. Jodhpur. Rajasthan

A "Namkeen" seller in a street of Jodhpur.
I could walk the city day after day forever...

Shower. Jodhpur. Rajasthan

A kid getting showered in a street of Jodhpur


Santosh. Bikaner. Rajasthan

Santosh, a rajasthani woman living in a village a few kilometers away from Bikaner came to town to do some shopping. Here in a clothing shop.


Smile. Vrindavan. Uttar Pradesh

A "smiling" scene in Vrindavan under the eyes of Lord Krishna.


Sita. Pushkar. Rajasthan

Sita, taking care of Rajuri's brother under her tent in Pushkar.

A picture of Sita shot 3 shot ago

Bharat Kumar. Mandawa

Bharat Kumar Mochi, a shoemaker from Mandawa, a really seet man..
Laxmi foottwear store
Main Market, Sonathilia Gate
Mandawa 5distr jhunjhunu) PC 333704


Advertising. New Delhi

Workers on Connaught Circle in New Delhi

Bishoi women. near Jodhpur

Bishnoi women working in a field near their home in a village south of Jodhpur.
It's very common to see Deers around their houses. The Bishnois are a community of nature worshippers in the state of Rajasthan. Bishnois are strong lovers of wild animals. It is because of their protection that in Bishnoi dominated areas, deer and antelope(such as blue bulls, black bucks, chinkaras and chowsinghas) are seen grazing peacefully in their fields despite the fact that the State of Rajasthan where the Bishnois mainly live, face severe shortages of water.The sect was founded by Guru Jambheshwar (b. 1451) after a drought in marwar region of India. He had laid down 29 principles to be followed by the sect. Bish means 20 and noi means 9. Thus, Bishnoi translates as Twenty-niners. Further the Guru told to worship lord Vishnu (Bishnu). Thus the sect called vishnoi or Bishnoi. Killing animals and felling trees were banned.


Water. Alwar. Rajasthan

During the Summer months Rajasthan can be very hot. You can find everywhere holes in the walls where a woman or a man stay there to give water to passers by. Here next to a movie poster.
Alwar is a very quiet city of Rajasthan, not really on the tourist trail, this makes the people being friendly to the few tourists visiting this wonderrful place.

Grain. Alwar. Rajasthan

A woman cleaning grain in front of her house in Alwar